A project involves planning, time, dedication and lots of LOVE!  The 4th ESO students worked beautifully.

They  were  given famous places in Canada to learn about them and about the country of Canada in teams. The MONUMENTS were:

Hotel de Glace, The Canadian Rockies, CN Tower,  Niagara Falls,  Confederation Bridge,  West Edmonton Mall,  Hopewell Rocks,  Banff National Parks,  Montreal Olympic Stadium and The Northern Lights.

They had  to investigate first about the different landmarks researching about these famous places:

location, history, why they are so famous.

Then, they had to prepare the most important part: their oral presentation, but before they memorised and trained  pronunciation, lots of previous  practice in speaking.

We invited the American lady from USA , KYLA , who is in our school as an English assistant in Primary , to talk about this country.

The students had also the chance to ask her questions about her own country, USA, and the state of Nebraska where she comes from.

Thus the English sessions became very exciting and useful to practice and learn English making use of authentic materials and a very interesting speech of the country.

Thanks Kyla for your collaboration.