A global lighthouse in the world

This year, we are taking part in a universal adventure. Planet Fraternity provides La Salle Alcoy with this great resource to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and friendship among all its members globally, giving them a sense of unity, belonging and cohesion.
The students of the Salle Alcoy of 3rd year of ESO in the subject of Practical Business, in cooperative groups with students from other schools, are working on real problems, with the intention of building together a more humane, supportive, fraternal and sustainable world.

They are working interacting with each other several times a week. The idea is also to strengthen friendships between countries, working on the challenges of the I CAN through the DESIGN FOR CHANGE methodology that supports this project.

The children address series of challenges, identifying them, treating them in a critical, creative and collaborative way, through the Design for Change (DFG) methodology.
This is a response from our community to the current challenges, always with responsibility, imagination, collaboration and commitment.

How it Works?

Planet Fraternity is already creating a better world, the one that all young people deserve. At Planet Fraternity, we work together to build encounters that connect through true listening and a sincere desire to get to know others in order to
understand them, broadening the vision and erasing stereotypes towards others and their specific environment.

For these encounters, we take the 17 challenges of the UN 20/30 agenda as the main thread. The students participating in Planet Fraternity will connect with countries around the world. Every two months, they will work with a different country,
linking them together to find a concrete solution to one of the 17 sustainable development challenges of the United Nations.
Following the message of Pope Francis Be the Change underlines the need for triple courage:
The courage to put the person in the center.
The courage to invest the best energies with creativity and responsibility.
The courage to form people willing to put themselves at the service of the

Our Methodology Phases

1. Feel
Observe, listen, analyse, and think from the heart.
2. Imagine
Think about how to solve a problem.
3. Act
It’s time to move to the Action.
4. Share
Let the people know how it works.

Now that the first objective, POVERTY, has been completed, we are waiting to be assigned the second school in the world to work with. Marrakesh has been our first adventure. What will be next? Eager to carry it out and take on the new challenges that lie ahead.
We will keep you informed.
Here we leave you some images of the meetings that we have held as a group or the Spanish and Moroccan students in cooperative groups.