Los alumnos de la asignatura de Practical Bussiness han realizado un proyecto muy interesante que ha tenido como colofón una salida al cine. En el siguiente artículo, nos lo cuentan detalladamente.

We are 13- year-old students from La Salle school of 2nd ESO. In our optional subject Practical business we have done a project all the term. The project consisted of planning a day out to go to the cinema and have lunch all together. We have done a lot of different activities: a google calendar, our budget,  several mails asking for permission and information. We have even learnt to search in google maps or the weather. We had to plan everything!! Everything had to be under control!

Our plan was: we went to school at 8:00 a.m as a normal day. We did the first two hours and after that, we went walking to the bus stop in Juan Gil Albert Avenue. The bus cost 3€ the return ticket. We stopped in Paquito el Chocolatero and we walked to the Altet cinema. We arrived to the cinema at 10:45 and we paid 3€. We watched Jumanji 3 and all the students liked it.

After the film finished, we returned to the bus stop and we went to Alcoy with the bus at 13:45. We arrived to Bancaixa bus stop and we walked to Burger King. After that, all the students asked for their menus and sat  with their friends. Finally, our parents went to Burger King and picked us up.

It has been a very good project and we have learnt a lot apart from enjoying in our day out.