4th ESO students have been working on a very splendorous time in England, THE VICTORIAN ERA, investigating first about the history, culture, economy, politics, science and education. They have had a workshop in which the teacher has given a Lecture called: “AN INTRODUCTION TO VICTORIAN TIMES”. Then, they have researched and chosen a way to show what they have learnt: some have produced a radio program, some others have recorded and performed on live a “First Date” inviting people like Charles Darwin, T.S. Elliot, Charles Dickens and some other remarkable people in Victorian Times.

There is also a group of boys who made a film, taking care of every single detail to make everybody travel to the past.
All the students have been working wonderfully and here we want to share with you some of the work done.

A pleasure to teach these students. A way to use and practice their English in a motivational way.